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Earscope Cleaner HD Camera 3in1

Earscope Cleaner HD Camera 3in1

Earscope Cleaner HD Camera 3in1

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Doctors say that there is no need to clean your ears with a cotton bud as swabs merely condense and it impacts the earwax further into the ear canal where it can cause pain, pressure, and temporary poor hearing.


We know that ear wax isn’t all that bad. It keeps your ear dry and prevents it from infection. But we should also be aware of ear blockage due to excess ear wax. That’s why removing earwax yourself can be dangerous. Thousands of people go to the hospital every year because of improper ear cleaning.

Here is a perfect device that can help you clean your ears without harming them. The HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner!

HD Multifunction Earscope Cleaner is a special device that helps you clean your ears in a SAFER way. It is an EAR ENDOSCOPE CAMERA that works with smartphones/tablets and computers to EASILY and CLEARLY see the passage of the ear canal. Making it SAFE and EFFICIENT ear cleaning process. The Images can easily be viewed through the gadgets and can be saved. Its LONG and SLIM lens body can let the camera go deeper easily without giving you DISCOMFORT. It has a SIX ADJUSTABLE LED LIGHTS that lets you regulate the brightness depending on the light’s area you’re with.

This device has a THREE-IN-ONE plug that is compatible with all your gadgets. It has a USB, Micro-USB, Type C in one cord. It comes in a kit that includes: ear scoop, ear stick, cleaning cloth, gloves and a manual.


  • USB / USB-C Compatible
  • Multiple Attachments
  • Extra Long Cable
  • Easy to Clean


  • Camera diameter: 5.5MM
  • View angle: 70 °
  • LED lights: 6 pieces
  • Focal length: 1.4-2cm
  • Support for capture image format: JPEG
  • Support for video recording format: AVI
  • Support system: Android 4.2+ / windows / Mac
  • Pixel: 300 thousand pixels


  • 1 x Silicone Protective Cover
  • 2 x Ear Spoons
  • 4 x Plastic Ear
  • 4 x Sticks
  • 4 x Cotton Swab Sticks
  • 1 x Camera Protection Cover
  • 2 x Annular Ear Spoon
  • 1 x Cleaning Cloth
  • 1 x User Manual


I have recently been on an ear obsession kick. Like, I want to make sure my ears are clean, and I want to see whats in them! I know, it's weird. But whatever :) So I bought this, and an ear cleaning kit. The camera on this, is really, really good! It comes with thorough instructions. You need to follow them, in order to set it up, so that you can see it on your phone. I had fluid in my ear, and I could see it!!! I also used it, to show my 7 year old his mouth. I have tonsils and he doesn't. He was AMAZED at the difference. The cord has a button on it, so that you can adjust the magnification. It has many different sizes of attachments, depending on the size of the space and what you want to do. I know that I am going to get so many different uses out of this, over the years! Thanks!


This otoscope works great. Setting it up is a little tricky but you can get through it. Installing the needed software was fairly easy. I was having problems with my hearing - nothing dramatic, but it felt like there was excessive ear wax built up in my ears. And, lo and behold, there was. I was surprised to see what was in them, but this otoscope allowed me to clean them out and they are back to where they should be. There are a multitude of attachments that come with the scope, but I only used the scoop for one of my ears and it helped tremendously. The other ear wasn't as bad and I just used a squirter to squirt warm water (the warmer the better as it will melt the wax easily - but not too hot to hurt yourself) into my ear and watched the wax flow right out. It's definitely worth the money and its cheaper than going to a doctor or ENT.


I bought this Ear Cleaning Endoscope because I hate how much trouble I have cleaning my waxy ears. I didn’t really expect much, so I am thoroughly amazed at how well this little camera works. I was able to quickly attach the camera to the power bank, which is very easy to charge using the plugs provided, and once I followed the directions, I was able to see a live feed of my ear on my phone. It's actually quite simple and I was looking in my ear minutes after opening the package. I didn’t encounter any problems with the camera connecting to my iPhone. You can look in your ear as you clean it, and you really are able to see which parts need to be cleaned. The light that shines out of the wand is very bright, so you can see the entire ear. It's a great setup, very easy to use, and it's wonderful fun for those of us who like to see what we're doing in our ears. It's also nice to know that I’m not going in deep enough to damage anything in my ear. This is a wonderful little piece of equipment, and I think you'll really enjoy this medical toy!


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